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There really is no reason to wait when it comes to doing a good deed. Discover some of the great programs and initiatives we lead at AUROBINDO UNFORGIVEN REHABILITATION ORGANISATION  and see how you can help make a difference in the lives of people in the community. For more information, get in touch with one of our staff members.


Collecting Funds for  the people
Affected by The Corona Virus

Change Starts Here

As India fights to stay afloat amidst the COVID 19 lockdown, there many jobless and under
privileged who are struggling to simply survive. This is a very difficult situation and the most
affected ones are the people from the slum and backward areas. 
In this heart breaking situation AURA is doing its best to support all the people who got affected
by the situation and we need your support.

Street Dog and Cat Welfare

Make a Difference in the Community

Animals can be the biggest friend of Mankind. They are a part of nature and we
believe they also have the fundamental right to live healthy and free. Animal

welfare is one of the main concern of us and so far AURA has rescued and
treated more than 100 cats and 250 plus street dogs.

Collecting Funds And Medicine For 
People Affected By Natural Calamity

Helping Those in Need

Being a disaster-prone country, India is highly vulnerable to various types of natural
calamities due to its geographical positioning.
This kind of emergencies take place very often and affect thousands of communities around the
world, leaving people in urgent need of help to survive and recover.
Disaster risks in India are further compounded by increasing vulnerabilities related to changing
demographics, socio-economic conditions- unplanned urbanization, development within high-risk
zones, environmental degradation, climate change, and epidemics and pandemics. All these
factors have created a situation where disasters seriously threaten the sustainable development
of the country, besides innumerable lives and livelihoods.

ACCOUNT NUMBER:- 39725690978
Help us provide the most we can today.

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