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Collecting Funds And Medicine For 
People Affected By Natural Calamity

Helping Those in Need

Fund raising and medicine distribution for people affected by natural calamities.
Apart from our various other projects AURA has also appeared as a humanitarian relief and
development organization responding to human sufferings in emergency and disaster situations
around the world. In addition to our emergency relief efforts in natural or man-made disasters, we

also work on long term relief and development programs.

Being a disaster-prone country, India is highly vulnerable to various types of natural
calamities due to its geographical positioning.
This kind of emergencies take place very often and affect thousands of communities around the
world, leaving people in urgent need of help to survive and recover.
Disaster risks in India are further compounded by increasing vulnerabilities related to changing
demographics, socio-economic conditions- unplanned urbanization, development within high-risk
zones, environmental degradation, climate change, and epidemics and pandemics. All these
factors have created a situation where disasters seriously threaten the sustainable development
of the country, besides innumerable lives and livelihoods.
In AURA we reach to those people who are in pain due to these kind of natural disaster and in
need of basic necessities and treatment. Beside donating food, clothes and urgent essentials
AURA also provide medication and organises various health care camps to help those affected
people. We also organise fund raising campaigns, and with your help we have succeed to bring a
change in thousands of lives who lost everything due to man-made and natural calamities. 

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