Corona Virus relief

Change Starts Here

AURA has reached to many operational areas, with immediate relief and supporting livelihood
recovery. Some of our immediate relief work includes:
1. Supporting district administration to provide food for 5,500 stranded migrants in shelter
2. Activating our pan India network and initiating work in parts of 18 states with 100 +
partner organisations.
3. Support Health departments with men power and other necessities
4. Distributing 100000 masks and provided hand sanitizers to under privileged ones.
5. Distributing 55000 kgs of rations and other essentials.
6. Providing general medicines to the needy ones.
7. Spreading social awareness
Even after doing our best to prevent the damage we need your help to safe more lives. This is a
pandemic situation and we should fight against this, together. You can join us by being a part of
our volunteer team or simply can help us in fund raising by donating any amount according to
your comfort.
We appeal to every one reading this, please stay safe and follow the government guidelines.