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Street Dog

and Cat



Make a Difference in the Community

​We basically focus on four major areas when it comes to Animal Welfare.
Animal sheltering: Just like us dogs and cats also deserve a safe home. But stray dogs
and stray cats don’t hardly have any safe place. They lead poor and miserable lives on
the streets. They are often illfed, suffer from extreme heat or cold, and suffer from
diseases. Even more often, they’re being chased around by hostile and violent people.
 But we, as people who care about animals are constantly working towards helping
those animals. In AURA we provide shelters to old aged, physically challenged and
abandoned animals who are left with having no one. With our adoption facility we have
handed over many of our sheltered animals to loving hands and have successfully
provided them a better future.
Feeding the stray animals: With feeding our sheltered animals, we do feed more than
80+ animals residing in the adjacent locality and nearby slums on a regular basis.
Treatment and Vaccination: We provide proper treatment to injured, distressed or aged
animals by conducting all possible pathological tests. In critical cases we do facilitate
complicated surgeries and special care. AURA has also started treating animals on spot
who are suffering from less severe or minor issues to prevent further damage and
ensure they get some instant relief. Along with regular treatments every month
AURA held different vaccination programs in various parts of the city. 
Social Awareness: AURA is extremely vocal when it comes Animal Welfare. Beside
spreading regular social media awareness we do conduct various awareness programs
and animal care workshops.

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