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Who We Are

Charitable Giving

AURA is an India based NGO registered under trust act in 2016 that has been focusing on
Animal welfare, Alleviating poverty and Helping lives affected by natural calamities. We execute
our work through well planned and comprehensive projects in health, livelihoods and disaster
preparedness and response. Our overall goal is to serve the indigents by enabling them an
active, dignified and healthier life.

ABOUT US: About Us

Our Vision and Mission

Join the Cause

Our believes :-
We believe every life on earth is equally important and deserve to have the basic necessities in order
to live a happy healthy and significant life. We started with a small team and today we have more
than 10000 people part of our dream and every contribution matters. In AURA we strongly believe
the more you do for people the more reach you get internally and it makes us very proud that so far
we have brought changes into thousands of lives.

Our mission :-
We aim to create a world where all the living beings have fare opportunities and access to
the essentials. Our dedicated team is constantly working towards our vision by helping and
supporting the under privileged ones to defend their rights and spreading awareness
among people so that all we all can live in harmony.

ABOUT US: Mission
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